Robotic Demolition

Way In Building & Civil Construction

At May Demolition, we mean what we say. That’s why we only use words like “innovative” and “revolutionary” to describe our techniques when they’re truly cutting-edge.

The use of advanced robotics is just one of the ways we’re outpacing others in our industry. We utilize multiple remote-controlled units equipped with a hammer, concrete muncher, steel shear, or bucket to more safely, more efficiently dismantle and remove materials during the demolition process. These machines allow our professional operators to complete crucial tasks in less time, all while significantly reducing the likelihood of on-site injuries.

And while the use of ground-breaking technology has become a typical part of a May Demolition project, it’s using this technology alongside newly developed methods that makes our approach truly innovative. Using specialized robotic demolition techniques, we can take down multi-story structures without the safety concerns and negative environmental outcomes that often go hand-in-hand with traditional methods like implosion.

For example, our methods allow us to capture silica dust that would otherwise be released into the air. Keeping these particles away from on-site personnel, as well as adjoining properties and other high-traffic areas is just one more way we’re proving our commitment to the health and safety of everyone who comes into contact with one of our projects.

At the end of the day, any technology is only as valuable as the time, energy, and expense it saves the people using it. Employing robotic demolition practices saves us all three. As a result, costs on your project can be reduced without sacrificing the quality of the work or the project timeline.


The future is here, and we’re ready for it.