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As a Demolition Contractor, May Demolition wants our customers to know that we approach every project with the attitude that SAFETY is our 1st Priority. Demolition projects can become very dangerous construction regarding safety and safety is highly regulated, inspected and enforced. Everyone at May Demolition believes and upholds the Zero Accident and Zero Injury philosophy within our company, believing that every accident and injury is preventable.
Projects standards require a company that employs skilled personnel with specialized safety training. Improper demolition can lead to employee injury, health risks, property damage and costly repairs. All May Demolition on-site representatives are employee by demolition. May demolition uses no temp agency and any new hire prior to starting, undergoes May Demolitions orientation and receives proper training and OSHA Certifications. At May Demolition we stress the importance of proper procedures with respect to projects execution and safety to each Project Manager and field laborer.
No task is ever started without May Demolition taking time to drafts an engineered demolition plan and Job safety analyzation. Our Safety Director holds monthly safety meetings for all employees and inspects projects on a job to job basis to ensure zero incidents in the field. Our Project Managers conduct a daily safety meeting minutes each morning and fill out a post task assignment before leaving the jobsite. All employees are encouraged to express their concerns or suggestions to help promote safe work practices and conditions. All services are provided with an ongoing, comprehensive, safety, health, and quality control program to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

Zach Jefferson

Meticulous Construction Safety officer observing construction site activities, verifying required safety documents and checking for potential safety issues. Remaining well-versed in local, state and federal safety standards. Diligent when it comes to enforcing regulations and responding to reported construction site safety concerns expressed by either the general public or on- site workers.